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Here’s 5 Royal facts about the Sono people of Netflix’s Queen Sono Series starring Pearl Thusi

Representation matters, hambi Queen Sono wa Kagiso Lediga na Pearl Thusi a ri n’wana wa genge liya yo dyiwa xivongo na ririmi, the fact is va ka Sono i Vatsonga. With that said, here are x fun facts about the Sono people;

  1. The Sono people come from the Hlungwani/Hlungwana/Hlungwane people of the Tsonga ethnic group. The word “Hlungwani” is rooted from the word Xihlungwa, which means Crown.

  2. The Sono-Hlungwani people are known as “Van’wamasungula hi ku fuma…”, which means the ones born Rulers.

  3. The word Sono is said to mean foot, and other variants of the surname is Nkondo, Makondo, and Masondo (who today are Nguni).

  4. Part of Kruger National Park which borders South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe was their ancestral land until the whites “discovered” it and forcefully removed them to make room for wild animals.

  5. The Hlungwani lost their Independent Royal status in the Tsonga ethnic group to the Hlengwe people. Legend says the daughter of the then King Hosi Zinjivha, stole the mythical Royal emerald and fed it to her son Mantsena, known in modern times as Cawuke/Mavasa.

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