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Hi ya loye Cyril Ramaphosa a xavisaku tiko hi $290 billion

Hi siku ra makume-mbirhi-ntsevu ra Nhlangula 2018, Vho Matamela, murhangeli wa tiko ra Afrika-Dzonga, va ve ntsombano wa vuvekisi (investment summit) na vinyi va mali hi xikongomelo xo hlengeleta $100 billion ku ta pfuna tiko.

“We are repositioning our economy and beyond this, I am confident that we will have done a pretty good job to put South Africa on a winning path once again.” – ku vula President Cyril Ramaphosa

‘Repositioning’ yi vula ku se Afrika-Dzonga yi ya xaviseliwa valungu vantshwa, hikuva lava Jacob Zuma a nga hi xavisa ka vona va lumbetiwa ku onha economy ya tiko.

Hi lava vinyi va Afrika-Dzonga ya New Dawn, ku pfa ka Business Tech;

  • Mining company Anglo American intends spending $6 billion (R87.55 Million) by 2022 on maintaining and expanding its mines in South Africa;
  • Naspers, Africa’s largest company, plans to invest about $314 million (R4.5 billion) in new and existing technology companies;
  • Sappi, the world’s biggest producer of dissolving wood pulp, is planning a $528 million (R7.7 billion) upgrade and expansion of its Saiccor Mill Packaging company;
  • Mondi will invest $544 million (R8 billion) in expanding its capacity;
  • Vedanta Resources has completed a feasibility study for a $350 million (R5.1 billion) investment in a zinc-mine project and processing plant. It’s also considering spending $700 million to $800 million on a smelter and refinery complex;
  • About $306 million (R4.4 billion) is being invested in the Ivanplats platinum project, owned by Ivanhoe Mines, by a Japanese consortium led by Japan’s Itochu Corp;
  • Local community groups Bushveld Minerals intends to allocate as much as $170 million (R2.4 billion) over the next three years expanding its capacity to produce and process vanadium;
    Telecommunications company Rain Telecom plans to spend $68 million (R1 billion) on a 5G high-speed network;
  • Mara Group, a Dubai-based company, has earmarked $100 million (R1.4 billion) for establishing a plant that will produce smartphones in South Africa;
  • Sumitomo Rubber plans to spend $66 million (R963 million) to expand a tire-manufacturing plant;
    Nestle SA will allocate $45 million (R656 million) to expand in the food industry;
  • Procter & Gamble will earmark R300 million for a new plant;
  • McDonald’s will spend $206 million (R3 billion) on expansion over the next five years;
  • Aspen Pharmacare will invest $232 million (R3.3 billion) in a new pharmaceutical plant;
  • Vodacom plans to invest $3.4 billion (R49 billlion) in telecommunications networks over the next five years;
  • ACWA Power International intends investing $775 million (R11.3 billion) in solar power;
  • Multichoice will spend $69 (R1 billion) million on local content and technology;
  • South African vehicle manufacturers, including BMW AG, Nissan Motor Co., Ford Motor Co., Toyota Corp.,
  • Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz unit pledged to collectively invest $2.7 billion (R39 billion) in new capacity over the next five years.

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