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Ma va vona va kholela Akani Simbine: The fastest man in South Africa has no sponsor for Athletix Grand Prix Series

Swi endlekini nakambe… va Liquid Telecom ve “there’s no future for them in athletics.”

Hi Sunguti (27, 2019) va phepha-hungu ra Sunday Times va paluxi ku vufambisi bya Liquid Telecom va phuli va tshika ku seketela Athletics South Africa (ASA) na Akani Simbine hi swa timali. Swi nga leswi, ASA va hambani na R23 million, laha a va veki etlhelo R8 million ku hakelela migingiriko ya Akani Simbine.

His agent, Peet van Zyl, told the paper that an early release from the contract had been negotiated in December already and, while Liquid Telecom provided no official explanation for its withdrawal, alleged that the company “felt there’s no future for them in athletics”. – ku vika va phepha-hungu ra The Citizen

Hi n’wheti ya Nyenyankulu (2019), Akani Simbine u ya nghenelela mphikizano wa Athletix Grand Prix Series handle ka nseketelo wa swa timali. Kambe vatirhi va Akani Simbine va na ntshembho ku va ta n’wu kuma n’wankumi wo va tsemekela nhlana.

Hi kombela mi byela vo Hahani na vo Malume van’wani ku va tidzudza, Akani Simbine I nyeleti ya Vutsonga, hi fanele ku rhanga ndlela eku n’wu seketeleni.

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